--==gaming and game design/development links==--

Epic Games - absolutely stunning work meets an amazing amount of attention to the people who play their games. Not to mention that I'm practically addicted to the Unreal Tournament line...

Bethesda Softworks - another producer of beautiful, beautiful work that definitely watches out for their consumers. The Elder Scrolls line, no matter how many hours I invest into it, never fails to show me something new.

UnrealEngine2 Webhome - just about anything you need or want to know about modifying Unreal Tournament 2004. Really great resource for any modder.

Unreal Wiki - another great UT2k3 & UT2k4 modder's resource--between the above link and this one they cover almost everything.

Polycount - place to get custom content for Unreal Tournament and other games as well as keep up with the latest game news, learn from a huge community, and just see some mind-numbingly good work.

Skin City - somewhat similar to Polycount, but more custom content oriented and strictly focused on the Unreal line.

BeyondUnreal - more Unreal-related goodness, and quite huge. Definitely a great resource.

Autodesk - while not specifically game-related, Autodesk is the company that makes 3ds max (my weapon of choice) and now Maya as well.

Pixologic - home of ZBrush. Very cool program that adds a ton of potential to your 3d creation capabilities and it seems to be showing up in more and more art pipelines now. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't heard of it.