8.15.06 - Update on the Dracten project. Barring some small tweaks, the low-poly version of the first character model I'm creating is complete. I've posted some renders on my webspace (and they're listed below as well as in the forums on the mod's page). The model is 7159 tris and is currently being UV-mapped in preparation for its import into Z-Brush for production of the detail mesh as well as texturing.

Front View
Side View
Back View
Angled View
Head Close-Up 1
Head Close-Up 2

5.5.06 - As the Spring semester is wrapping up I've been having some time to actually get back to working on several projects. Some are ones that have been pushed to the side (kind of like this website had been) and there's a new one or two in the mix as well. While I don't really have any progress renders or anything to post yet I'll be working on content for at least one mod group (Dracten: http://dracten.hlgaming.com/news.php) and may also be continuing my work from this semester on the Strong Desire for Quickness mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. Lastly there's the Tech Griff custom character for UT2k4--you can see it as (essentially) a static mesh in my portfolio area currently, but I still hope to have it rigged, animated, and imported sometime within the next few months. We'll just have to see how the summer goes...