002.making the geometry - creating materials
  1. Now we need to set up the Material Editor for use with our reference sketches. You can bring up the Material Editor by pressing the M key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the icon in the upper toolbar that has the four sphere shapes on it. This is where you can create the materials that will be applied to different objects in your scene so that they can have a variety of color, texture, specularity, etc.

    1. All you really need to do here is click on the first available unused material (it'll be a matte-gray sphere) and then find the square gray button near "Diffuse". Clicking on that brings up a menu, and from that menu we want "Bitmap"--double-click on it to bring up a Browse for File dialog.

    2. Find one of your concept sketch textures, select it, and click on Open. That's all there is to creating a basic diffuse material--pretty easy, eh? Go ahead and make two more materials so that you have one for each of your 3 concepts.

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