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Looking for something in particular? Here you will find a listing of every step title in the tutorial, in order and separated by section headers. Click on any one of the steps to navigate directly there. Additional links are included in the context navigation area immediately to the left of this text.

making the geometry (3ds max)
  001::preparing for modeling
  002::creating materials
  003::adding materials to the scene
  004::modifying the display properties
  005::layers and freezing
  006::starting the head
  007::converting to editable poly
  008::halving the cylinder
  009::symmetrical modeling set-up
  010::initial sculpting
  011::the slice plane tool
  012::vertex welding
  013::finishing the first pass
  014::adding an eye
  015::the extrude tool
  016::making the headband
  017::creating the skull
  018::attaching geometry
  019::continued detail work
  020::adding the feathers
  021::final touches and moving on
  022::starting the torso
  023::roughing out the torso
  024::adding the arms
  025::waist-ful extrusions
  026::go make a leg
  027::freeing up some polys
  028::making a pendant
  029::half to whole
uv mapping (3ds max)
  031::the unwrap uvw modifier
  032::intro to pelt mapping
  033::making seams
  034::enter the pelt
  035::the pelt stretcher
  036::the uv editor
  037::keep on stretchin'
  038::now relax
  039::finishing the uv map
  040::prep for export
  041::breaking apart
  042::exporting obj
enter zbrush (zbrush)
  043::welcome to zbrush
  044::setting up
  045::menu docking
  046::making polygroups
  047::hiding polygroups
  048::saving your work
  049::creasing edges
  050::subdividing the mesh
  051::sculpting in zbrush
  052::finishing the skull
  053::creating a normal map
  054::exporting the normal map
  055::making a bump map
  056::exporting the bump map
texturing (photoshop)
  057::on to photoshop
  058::combining the bump maps
  059::detailing the bump map
  060::the specular map
  061::the alpha map
  062::the diffuse map
rigging (3ds max)
  063::setting up biped
  064::adding physique
  065::adjusting physique
  066::range of motion
animation (3ds max)
  067::animation prep
  068::the initial pose
  069::making a run cycle
rendering (3ds max)
  070::setting the scene
  071::adjusting the lighting
  072::the grand finale